Oops! All DMs! - 01

May 20, 2019

A VERY SPECIAL miniseries is here for you, and it's got something of a twist! The Stormcrow Alliance and Adventure.exe are very proud to present Oops! All DMs! a series where a bunch of the Dungeon Masters from Storm Crow's rent-a-DM service DM & Dine, get together and have a grand adventure. 

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Matt Klassen:  The Dungeon Master

Carmin Carotenuto:  Ned Nedson (aka Ranger Dad) 

Stu Popp: Ignorance "Iggy" Akmenos 

Eric Fell: Chuck Dartfinger 

Joanna Gaskell: Quinn the Farmer 

Editing & Audio Engineering by: Sarah the Blasphemous

Logo and Graphic Design by: Taylor the Uncommon Grackle


Danosongs - The Decision

Danosongs - Remember the Stars - Techno Mix

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